Healthy teeth are what matters most when it comes to a beautiful smile.

Proper hygiene is the best way to healthy teeth

Healthy teeth are the result of proper dental hygiene. And that is the best way to save time and money.

We will teach you how to look after your teeth properly so that you don’t have to go to us.

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cooperation with you

A lot of smiles have passed through our hands. However, we remember each and every one.

See the transformations of our happy clients.

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We are satisfied when the client is satisfied

You said about us

An amazing approach, extensive expertise and, on my part, endless thanks for embarking on the care of an autistic person’s teeth.
A happy mother of a happy client
I would like to recommend this dental clinic; a great approach from the staff and Dr Vlna. Painless treatment. Empathy, compassion and helpfulness all in the first place. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you❤
Satisfied client
Many thanks to Dr Vlna and Dr Žižka, both of whom are true professionals with a compassionate approach!!! Our daughter can smile again after a severe tooth injury! Thank you again!!!
A happy mother of a happy client
The best dental clinic if you ask me. I regularly come here from Bratislava for a professional and helpful approach. Beautiful new clinic in Trnava, everyone is all smiles. I already feel at home here.
Satisfied client
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent work and the approach of Dr. Vlna and the whole team of the Dental Clinic Dentalis... I am extremely glad that I decided to entrust my child to your hands... the result is worth it 🙂 thank you
A happy mother of a happy client
I want to thank the young team of DENTALIS s.r.o. Skalka nad Váhom, especially Dr Vlna, for a professional and compassionate approach to their work. I was very satisfied. Thank you
Satisfied client
I can certainly recommend the professionalism and, most importantly, the compassion of Dr. Marek Vlna. It is not necessary to sing praises here. All you need is to try it once. It's great to have a dental clinic of this level in Trnava
Satisfied client
Professional approach, nice staff and, overall, I was very satisfied. I'm definitely planning to come back; it was a great experience. I was most charmed by the receptionist 😉
Satisfied client
Dr. Vlna is a real doctor because he solves the root of the problem, and not just the consequences. I had pains in my jaw joints and severe migraines several times a week. Thanks to the treatment consisting of exercise, physiotherapy and wearing splints, my jaw joints began functioning normally without any pain, and the migraines completely ceased. The Physiotherapist Ivanka is an excellent specialist. She helped me to put my entire back in perfect condition with simple exercises. It’s remarkable how regular exercise can help. I'm really grateful to them
Satisfied client