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We are interested in your needs. Our common goal will be to keep your health in top condition.

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We at Dentalis consider lifelong learning to be our mission, so that we can always provide you with the best services available.

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Safe and professional treatment for your comfort is paramount for us.

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Our clinics are equipped with new technologies, which we use to help you save time and increase the quality and comfort of the examination.

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Procedures price list

Based on your requirements and diagnosis, the doctor will best determine the priorities and the treatment procedure.

Prevention is the key to success.

Perfect dental hygiene can save you time spent in the chair by prevention, training and regular checks and will improve your overall health.

Your teeth look beautiful and natural.

Although a tooth extraction is often a daunting idea, there is nothing to fear with us.

At Dentalis, we will make sure that your experience is painless and especially pleasant for you.

The day after the extraction, we will make sure that you are doing just fine.

Pure Whitening procedure has several times longer lasting effect than “normal” whitening.

You will whiten your teeth for 14 nights in the comfort of your home, followed by the final outpatient whitening.

The most gentle way to make your smile more beautiful.

We satisfy even the most demanding requirements for beauty.

The crown is the ideal solution for restoring function, achieving a nice appearance, and protecting your tooth.

A crown implant is an ideal way to replace a missing tooth.

We use implants in cases of the loss of one or more teeth, as well as for the overall reconstruction of teeth.

Our protectors are individually made for each athlete.

We keep learning for you

So we are able to 

provide the best care

Our entire team proudly presents a number of professional certifications, but we are constantly working on our education, and we want to keep improving.

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If necessary, it is possible to arrange an individual appointment

Clinic Trnava

Place: Halenárska 5, Trnava, 917 01

Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:00 Po – Pia

Telephone contact: +421 907 655 975


Clinic Skalka nad Váhom

Place: Skalka nad Váhom 1/103, 913 31

Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:00 Po – Pia

Telephone contact: +421 948 074 057


It is possible to park
in front of the clinic.

It is possible to park
in front of the clinic.